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Gradually the virtual world has become the number one tool for reach almost within any niche. Just think about it: if we want to visit a restaurant we have never been to – the first thing we do is go on the Internet and type in a new search query trying to find what other people think about this place and which dishes are worth trying. This scheme works when we, for instance, don’t know how to handle some computer software or don’t know where to go for a summer vacation.

Such demands of Internet market created a new Internet-based profession, i.e. blogging or online writing profession. It requires a good command of the language, witty text-structuring and, of course, a lot of personal experience to base articles on. If you have been thinking about earning money online by writing on the Internet but didn’t know where to start or were unsure which website to use, we have come up with a good resource for you.


Internet writing job at

Almost everyone likes writing and any curious person open to new things spends a lot of time travelling and learning more about a variety of online cultures. is a web project, intended to provide interesting information about various countries in the world, their cultures, food, tourist attractions and the cost of visiting them.

Travel article writing position at

Right now, managers are looking forward to bringing new blood to their project by hiring new travel bloggers. This online work opportunity is different from others available on the market because with you don’t have to be a professional writer or have experience in this niche. They are looking for creative writers, who can do research, come up with creative ideas and turn these ideas into well-structured paragraphs. Furthermore, this is a job opportunity without country restrictions, which means international writers with good knowledge of English are welcome to join.

Application process and requirements

Even though, writing professionalism is not the key point in this job, the managers of this project still wish to check out your writing skills by requiring to include a sample article in your application form. There is a thing we like about this application process is – provided your sample article meets the requirements, you get paid for it. On their page for writers (by clicking site logo you can get there) they have a list of topics for sample articles.

Having secured this travel writing job, writers get to create content about one of three main topics:

– Travel

– Food

– Cruse

According to their requirements, all articles need to be at least 800 words long and authors are in charge of providing images to their content. For every accepted and published travel article pays $30 (if your image-selection is confirmed by the editors) and $25 (if the image-selection was altered by the editors).


Further reading

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Roundup and final thoughts

On TripBase website you will be able to check out sample articles (to get a clear understanding of desired structure) and fill out an application form if this online work opportunity interests you. By contributing as a travel writer to this community, everyone can gain top-class experience in the field of online/offline-based research, learn more about traveling, international cuisines and cost of far-away traveling and, finally, legitimately work in the comfort of own home and get paid for writing articles.

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