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Turn E-Petitions Into Cash Making Machine

From now on, I have finally understood that you can make money online from everything (ok, almost everything), especially if you have website. Yesterday I was trying to be nice, so I clicked an ad, where people asked to sign their petition and help so endangered animals. So I though that was very nice of them, but I thought, if they are looking for donations for endangered animals, they run on a small budget. “So how could they afford to pay for advertising?” – that seemed really weird to me. That’s why I have decided to find out the real purpose of the petitions online.

After long research I have come up, that only some large organizations look for donations online (nice people who are really in need), but the others are just making money from petitions, know how?

There are tons and tons of free web petition websites, where you can start your own petition online and even place ads there and give it a separate domain name.

If you have ads on your petition, you can make money, even with some traffic. But if you will create a petition, stuff it with Adsense or other ads and submit it to Digg or other social website, your online petition could turn into a cash-making machine!

You know, I’m always very nice, that’s why I will tell you how to make money online with petitions. Just complete the following steps:

1) Find a good topic for your petition. (I know that your target is to make money, but be creative. Browse the petition directory and find something that will interest the most of internet users)

2) Create a free petition at Ipetition, or get a web petition script

3) Write up! Give users a lot of details and make the excited about it. If they like your petition, they will be more likely to look for other opportunities like this (this means they will click ads!)

4) Ad some ads (Adsense is the right choice). PayPal donation button is a great choice too : )

5) Promote as hard as you can! (Online forums, social networks and social news agencies like Digg will do great for you!)

6) Claim your money, but careful with online petitions (people trust you).

But you’ve got to be careful with the petitions that will only make you money (don’t post face stuff like “Save the endangered dolphins”, because you will have to claim your effort, I hope you understand).

Good luck, and it was another Work From Home tutorial called “Turn E-Petitions into cash making machine”.


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