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Knowledge and experience are two powerful things, which can help you make money on the Internet. For years we have been reviewing all possible online jobs and money-making opportunities and noticed a tendency that a knowledgeable person or an experienced worker can easily put his/her expertise to use that generate additional income from home.

Let’s assume that you have experience in graphic design or know how to create wonderful things with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Autodesk Maya or any other CG software and look for an additional opportunity to spread the word about your skills, find potential clients for your freelance work and earn money with it.

Well, is the website, which can hook you up with all these advantages, all you need is your design knowledge and some time for writing and contributing your tutorials to

This method of earning is open for tutorial writers internationally.


What is

Being one of the most varied sources for high quality design tutorials (graphics design, motion graphics, visual effects artists), Tutorialboard is always looking for experts, who can contribute their tutorials in exchange for a number of advantages, including extra exposure, traffic and money. design community

Earn money by writing tutorials

Briefly, the guidelines for tutorial writers are:

– Original tutorials only (can’t be published elsewhere).
– Not every tutorial will be accepted, it is better to check in with the editor before starting to write the content.
– All editing work should be done before submitting the tutorial.
– Your tutorial should contain materials either created by you or can be used by you with the author’s permission.
– Payments for accepted tutorials are completed via PayPal and it takes about a month for TutorialBoard editors to credit your account.

The advantages of publishing your content at Tutorial Board are numerous and they are: author’s bio snippet (you get a chance to expose a link to your portfolio to thousands of readers and potential customers), contribute to a massive design community and encourage others to share their skill; receive $150 to your PayPal for every accepted article.

To learn more about this earning opportunity, please visit this page @ TutorialBoard: get paid to write tutorials.

Further reading

List of jobs for tutorial writers is being constantly updated with new jobs and opportunities. The tutorial niche is only becoming more popular, so don’t miss out on your chance.

Roundup and final thoughts

Designers and photoshop lovers have a good deal for methods to earn money on the Internet. They can write articles for such communities as, find customers online, start their own freelance business online or create design produces and make cash by selling them. The possibilities are endless if you know where to look for them, proves this statement for sure.

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