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Freelance web design and stock photography are those two work at home opportunities, which caught my eye recently. I discovered a whole set of opportunities for Internet users, who treat web design or photography as their hobby or make a living by doing this type of jobs and wouldn’t mind taking out online work in this field.

In my recent posts I described how designers and photographers can earn money by writing tutorials/reviews, presented some promising stock photography agencies and I am not to stop at this point. Today I would like to review one interesting marketplace with the help of which designers and digital art lovers can monetize their skills or sell their art.


Selling stock art on is a well-established marketplace of digital goods (these include flash objects, vector art, audio presets, stock images and so on). The amount of files in the marketplace and shoppers is just amazing, so by becoming a part of this community you will get a chance to earn a decent income with the help of your design skills. - free way to earn money selling design items

After registering at, every member gets an access to three exciting earning opportunities:

1) register as an author and showcase your items on the basis of “non-exclusive contributor program”, receive a minimum 40% of revenue generated from your items;
2) exclusive contributor program requires you to list your items under one of the supported licenses, the commission rates for this contributor program is set at 60%;
3) refer your friends (either designers, who would like to make money by selling vector art or customers, who will be shopping for vector art) and receive a 40% commission on the first item purchased (or first deposit) by them.

On their website you will be able to find how all these contributor programs could be combined for reaching the maximal earning potential. All contributors are to earn at least $100 before the cashout ability activates. Money earned on the website could be used for shopping in the marketplace and registered contributors receive an extra 10% discount for shopping in the vector art store.

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All in all, is a superb way to earn money online for designers and photographers. If these work at home opportunities are interesting for you, please check out these related posts:

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