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Making money online is getting easier and easier every day, because we get new and new earning opportunities on daily basis. Several years ago I didn’t even know that earning money over the Internet is possible at all and thought that it was just another scam made up by brainy Internet marketers.

But I started looking forward for detailed information about working from home and came up with a whole bunch of exclusive and interesting data, that is how I ended up running this blog on free ways of making cash from home. I just wanted to share my overall experience in the Internet business sphere.

Many Internet users are already familiar with such earning techniques as earning money with paid to watch movies websites, or making money with Google Adsense advertising, which could be easily added almost to any website. But several months ago I have found out about making money with file sharing websites, the sites, which pay you for your file downloads.

The most popular website, which allows you to upload your files and share download links is called, and you can make money by uploading with this website. As for me, it is the best site so far, because I am making pretty good money with right now and have even received my 4th payment.

According to my personal experience, it is better to use several free file hosting websites, if you are willing to make money with your media, because technology is not reliable, and you don’t want to loose your money, because of the server downtime or some other bug. That is why I would like to tell you more about another website which pays to share files. is a totally free file hosting service, here you can upload your files (up to 2GB files) and share download links with your friends or other world wide web users. There are no file download (bandwidth) limits, so the more people you refer to your refer links – the more money you will be able to make from your files. The whole process is very-very simple and the site works like any other revenue sharing program.

The steps for earning money are really simple – at first you have to complete the registration process, which takes just several minutes. Right after that, you are ready to go – everything is set up for you to get started with making money by file sharing.

As for the amount of money you are eligible to earn for every download – everything depends not on the country of your visitor, but on the file size and your member status. Here is the table explaining how the price per download depends on the file size.

Filesize                                                     Rate, $
0Mb .. 0.99Mb Up to $ 4
1Mb .. 4.99Mb Up to $ 6
5Mb .. 9.99Mb Up to $ 8
10Mb .. 49.99Mb Up to $ 12
50Mb .. 99.99Mb Up to $ 14
100Mb .. 249.99Mb Up to $ 18
250Mb .. 1499.99Mb Up to $ 24
1500Mb ……….. Up to $ 30

Member statuses are also taken into consideration, but I do not want to get into the full detail about this value, because ShareFlare website admins are still working on this feature and they don’t want to tell us how this feature works, so you can just visit their website and read everything about member statuses.

The minimum payout is set at 15$, if you are requesting money to your PayPal account and just 5$ for WebMoney cashout requests. Share Flare looks like a pretty nice way of earning money from home and you can easily get paid for doing so. If you are not familiar with such way of earning money yet, you can check out my post – how to make money with file sharing.

All in all, if you have been working with Share Flare and have some valuable user experience to share, please leave your comments below. As for me, I have just started earning money with this paid to upload site, but I really like it so far (especially the referral program, the one I forgot to tell you about).

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