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I have been promising you to post my payment proofs for a while now. I have been paid several weeks ago, but because of some thinks that happened to me recently I failed to tell you more about my earning experience. I have been managing my “free themes” blog for a while now, and this project is making me pretty good money (if we consider the effort) on daily basis.

So I think I will prove you that earning money by uploading files on the Intenret is pretty simple, all you have to do is to come up with a website you are willing to share with other members, and spread it all over the Internet.

Basically I am promoting my “free template” blog on various forums and getting about 40-50 downloads per day (which doesn’t sound that bad at all). Before I continue describing my other ideas about earning money with file-sharing, let me finally show you the actual payment proof (~40$) – Payment Proof

My current situation has given me more ideas about earning money with file sharing. I thought of creating a website with free PHP and CGI scripts, which will be uploaded to such websites as, (don’t forget to check out the review) or of these would work, if there were less competition to take. logo

And if you are a college student, just think of the amount of media files you can share with your friends. If you come up with non-competitive niches, you can easily start blogging about various connected topics and even earn money with your content using Google Adsense.

As for me, the whole power is in simplicity, and I am still thinking about creating a huge student portal, where I will have a forum, bulletin board and the most useful student resources. I hope that this idea will work out, and will ask you for some feedback and our ideas about making money on the Internet with file uploading websites like


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