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A huge demand for high quality content from Internet users increases the number of job opportunities for those, who are knowledgeable enough to create content capable of helping millions of world wide web users.

Personally, I spend hours every day looking for virtual qualified help and most of the time I find what I am looking for but still there is a whole bunch of topics, which are not covered by bloggers, journalists and web-based writers. This fact leaves room for newbies looking forward to making good money with their knowledge.

In this blog we share the latest work at home opportunities, they are mainly thematic and today we are to speak about an opportunity for illustrators, graphic editors and photoshop experts.

This earning opportunity can be accessed by tutorial writers internationally.

What is

Thanks to the Internet, designers can learn how to make the most of their skills with the help of innovative tools for free by joining various design communities like

Contribute to and earn

This is a very popular resource of graphic tools, freebies and tutorials. Most of the materials on this site are shared for free, this attracts a good deal of experts and beginners in the sphere of photoshop editing or digital illustration. If you are a graphic designer or a photoshop expert, you have a chance to gain hundreds of freebies shared on or contribute to the community and get paid for every tutorial submitted.

Submission terms and rewards administrators are on the look-out for professional designers, who don’t mind sharing their expertise in the form of tutorials.

The benefits for submitting your tutorial to VectorDiary are following:

1) Extra exposure – all tutorial submitters get to include their brief biography with a link to a personal site or a portfolio.
2) Traffic from other design communities (as your tutorial will be extensively promoted by VectorDiary administrators).
3) Money – all writers receive a flat rate payment for every tutorial, i.e. $150 via PayPal.

A list of eight major requirements can be found on website or via this link: Tutorial Submission.

Further reading

More and more tutorial writing jobs are becoming available on the Internet market. If you are an expert of some kind, then feel free to check out our list of sites for earning money with your knowledge and experience.

Roundup and final thoughts

This is yet another interesting method to generate extra income with your knowledge. If you are a graphic designer willing to fight for extra clients, don’t mind sharing your design experience and receive a pretty good pay for your tutorials, then you should definitely contact administrators and talk over your future submissions. Not that many websites are offering 150 dollars for a single design tutorial, so you should take advantage of this offer for sure.

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