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Many online employment opportunities serve as an additional income stream for most people because there is not always enough tasks available for a person to complete, especially if this person is just getting started with working from home.

Sooner or later this person gathers enough information and forms a sufficient skill set to start working on the Internet full time. One of the most common earners for these people is transcription and translation, especially in medical field, as it has proved to be the best paying field. Today  we would like to show you a website, which is currently hiring people on “work at home” basis

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Verilogue is a company well known for carrying out physician-patient research in order to improve the quality of medical services worldwide.

Recently on Verilogue careers page there has been an update stating that stay at home translators and transcription workers are needed. offers international freelance translation and transcription jobs

One can start thinking about working on medical translation or transcription if he/she:

– is fluent in both English and at least one foreign language;

– has a medical degree or at least has profound experience in medical field:

– has mastered the basis of medical writing style and is ready to develop his/her knowledge in this specific field.

To learn more about this job opportunity please visit this page:

Currently is seeking for translators fluent in one of below stated languages:

– German;

– French;

– Italian;

– Spanish.

Speaking of the wages, people working for Verilogue earn:

– $2.10 for every minute transcribed and translated to English;

– $0.85 for every minute, where personal addresses and names are removed from the text;

– $0.90 for every minute of quality checking other people’s work.

The wages may vary depending on the language you have chosen and types of work you are willing to do.

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Verilogue offers incredible earning opportunities for medical translation and transcription specialists internationally. Please leave your thoughts, ideas and possibly success stories about this opportunity in the comment section below.

Translation and transcription experts have a unique opportunity to apply for a job at and enjoy the benefits of working from home.

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