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With every new company going online and staring to provide digital services, the number of jobs, which can be done from home is only growing. Keeping in mind the demand for quality online support assistants, many employers are beginning to provide extra job perks for stay at home parents and professionals, who enjoy the flexibility and the advantages of working from home.

One of the hottest niches on modern Internet job market is virtual assisting. It requires you to be communicative, have good management skills and be able to use popular Internet services, as well as search engines. But such jobs can pay about $10/Hour, at least does.

What is Vickyvirtual? is a rapidly-growing American company, which handles various virtual assisting and phone call management tasks for various clients but mainly small business owners. has Open Stay-At-Home Positions for Virtual Assistants

We workers at Vickyvirtual help to manage phone calls, perform basic receptionist duties, answer questions and handle certain business requests.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity and fill out an application form, please visit this page:

The basic worker profile requires the applicants:

– to be able to take notes accurately;

– to have a high speed Internet connection and a PC with administrative privileges (as there is a set of programs and software you’d need to work more efficiently) ;

– to have a go getter attitude and the wish to learn new things;

– to have good organization and time-management skills;

– to have a good sense of humor, which is always a big need, when working with people.

According to their website, the pay rates average at about $10 per hour.

Please note that at the moment Vickyvirtual is hiring US residents only. But if you would like to land a stay at home position in virtual assisting field, then please check these related opps:,,

We were not able to find many negative reviews of Vickyvirtual and they seem like a very decent employer, especially for those, who are getting into the virtual assisting business and would like to gain more experience by working for a reputable company.

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