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Video content gained tremendous popularity owing to such media portals as YouTube, Metacafe and Vimeo. Compared to other types of Internet content, video one is the most viral and engaging.
These days everyone knows that Internet advertising can enable content producers to make money with their creations. We spent a lot of time writing about sites, which reward text content creators but now we want to draw the attention of our readers to earning opportunities for video creators.

YouTube has started to reward its top contributors with a revenue share from ads shown on their videos but their contributor reward program is somehow hard to get into, that is why we did our best to find a good alternative for video producers.

This method to earn is open to video producers worldwide and offers free registration to everyone.

[toc] for video producers is a unique video content monetization program providing video producers and promoters with a chance to earn money on the web with either by uploading videos or promoting them. This advertising network has come up with a new approach to sharing videos: video producers before uploading their content to Videolla set the price for which viewers will be able to access the full video. Users in their turn, get a chance either to pay money for full video download or access video content furnished with sponsored advertising. In any case, video producer earns money with his/her content. - video monetization platform

Speaking of video promotion, Videolla came up with an approach to making your videos popular in the net. They give bloggers and website owners a chance to promote videos submitted to Videolla and receive additional revenue. Video producers receive 90% of the money generated by advertising and content sales and have an opportunity to withdraw their earnings as soon as they hit a mark of 10$ (via PayPal).

Benefits for bloggers and webmasters

Thousands of high-quality, informative videos have already been added to Videolla database. If you have a popular website, blog or FaceBook fan page and would like to earn money by promoting how-to video guides or informative video content on your web properties, then you should definitely sign up as a blogger on Videolla website.
Webmasters have several options of integrating Videolla players into their webpages and the most important part is that you don’t need to have programming knowledge to start working with this advertising company. They promise that you will be getting a pay from several cents to several dollars every time someone watches a video on your site.

To get a better understanding of how Videolla works, please visit: Info for producers credibility

This content monetization program has not been around for a very long time but we are sure that they would start picking up their popularity, as some reputable Internet magazines have already published some positive reviews of this company. We have not found anything, which made us feel suspicious about and their money-making offers for video producers. If you have any experience with this company and would like to share your thoughts, please contact us via the comment box below.

Further reading

One more interesting video publishing option is offered by We put up a review of to help you draw a better picture of what this service can do for video producers. is yet another money-maker, which any video and image producer should have bookmarked. It is a great marketplace for selling stock video files and photography.

Roundup and final thoughts

It is a well known fact that top YouTube contributors are making a living by publishing their video content in Google’s video hosting site. Videolla creators want to pass this earning possibility to other filmmakers and movie editors and invite them to start using Videolla for hosting their creations. They offer industry’s highest rates to their contributors and guarantee rapid exposure of your videos due to their blogger promotion program (which also gives website owners a chance to make money online by promoting video content from Videolla marketplace). This service is definitely worth a try and hopefully it will turn our as profitable as the developers describe it to be.

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