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[Expired] Search And Win Instantly – Review

I got so excited after winning my first price at Winzy paid to search website, so I decided to find out more about Search And Win websites. After doing my researches, I came up with a lot of new paid to search websites, the ones that pay you cash for searching sponsored search engines. The concept of making money online searching Google or any other branded search engine is pretty new, that’s why not that many people know about this.

This time I’ve prepared you a review of another paid to search website, which is called

The first thing you notice when you visit this website is the attractive and colorful design. These things appeal me the most, that’s why I want to use this search engine more and more.

Wabba Dabba

So what is the whole process of winning stuff on, or how it works.

1.  All you have to do is use Wabba Dabba as your regular search engine. Selected get paid to search website is in partnership with the most popular search engines, so you’d get same, quality search results and the chance of winning cool stuff at the same time.

2.  Each search (limited to 150 a day) gives you a chance at instantly winning a prize. There’s no catch, honestly… Wabba Dabba doesn’t require your personal information, just the simplest data – your name and your email. They do gather this information to contact you if you win a prize.wabbadabba

3.  Every day, WD sets winning keywords. If you get to hit the right keyword, you will get your prize instantly. The category of searches varies, so everyone has a chance of winning something. If you win, you will be able to see the congratulations page.

Prizes may differ every month, but usually they give avay gift cards and branded merchandise. Also, there is a great way to get more chances to win. If you refer your friends to you double your chances of winning (if the friend you referred to this website wins, you get the exact same prize!)
The website does look pretty cool, and you are not missing out anything. The registrations takes just several minutes, and there are no requirements to meet.


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