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Is A Scam? Only You Can Decide!

Weblo is a virtual copy of the real world where you can own anything – from your hometown, to your favorite sports stadium, to Boston city!

This is the only site where virtual copies of real world cities, states, properties, domains and celebrities can be yours! At weblo you get paid to have fun, advertise, and refer friends! So make sure to check it out!

Basically Weblo is a parallel universe that is the only virtual world based on the real world. Members own and manage websites that are virtual replicas of real cities, states, properties, domains and celebrities.

Members earn real money via hits, internet ads and by selling or auctioning assets for a profit. Members enhance their online portfolios by claiming popular social networking profiles, blogs, emails and videos in Weblo’s Calculate Your InterNET Worth section.


Does it really work?

No one knows. Some users claim that it’s a great way to make money online, others don’t. Telling the truth I’ve never spent a lot of time on this website.

There is nobody to ask, I bet there are people who own large cities in Weblo, and they may be making money, but there are a lot of people, who say that is a huge scam. You can checkout or just google for “weblo scam”.

The website used to be really good, but now look here:

Weblo Sucks!

Is Weblo a scam? A pyramid scheme? I have complaints about Weblo, and as I found, I’m not alone. This site is dedicated to all those that have been wronged by Weblo. Tell your story here, and find out what you can do about it.  –

I’ve never played this game, but you are sure welcome to research more about it and tell us. It seems to be a great make money online idea, but even magnificent ideas don’t work always out.



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