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What is New With in May, 2010 – New Prizes Received?

Sometimes we can tell that one website has started the new era in earning money from home. For example, if we talk about get paid to websites – CashCrate and TreasureTrooper were the first to start developing this concept. Several years passed and now almost everyone has heard about the way of making money with Internet surveys.

Today I would like to talk more about another interesting concept, which is connected with paid social networking. is a pretty nice website, which has taken the whole idea of earning money by being an active member of Internet communities to the next level. This website has been around for a while now and if you go to YouTube and type “Lockerz prizes” you will end up with bunch of satisfied people, who have received great prizes from just by answering simple daily questions and using the website.

Personally I have used Lockerz a lot, when it officially got launched, I really like the whole idea, because social network sites are turning their services into business now, everyone is trying to make money of us, simple Internet users, but paid social networks is a good way around it. If you haven’t heard about yet, but would really like to find out how to works, you can check out this post: Earn Free Prizes By Participating In Polls – Review.

More and more Lockerz users are telling that site is a complete scam and no one is getting prizes. I can’t tell you for sure, whether in May new prize shipments were carried out, but I have a pretty good reason for considering Lockerz to be legit – my first prize, which I have received not that long ago (I’m just love my Lockerz Z-list T-shirt).

Telling the truth, I can not name myself a person, who uses Lockerz that frequently, but I log in from time to time and tell my blog readers, what has changed. For now, I see that there are still works being carried out in the redemption area, which is kind of sad for those, who have a lot of points, but don’t know how to spend them.

My Cool Prize – 2010

But after logging in several days ago, I have found new and pretty nice feature – the ability to use your PTZ (lockerz points) to receive rebates at all possible Internet stores. Telling the truth, I have tried this feature that I am pretty impressed so far. Hopefully this one will be a big boom for all members.

Well, you can head on to the website and check out how this new feature works, but maybe you will be lucky to even find out when new redemption will be carried out. But for now, I would like to figure out how to earn more money with I have new payment coming from this website and I really makes to glad to know that my technique of earning money with files really works.

But no matter what, you can subscribe to my blog and receive new posts regarding all possible methods of making money from home straight to your email. I think it to be useful for those, who crave to earn from home.


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