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If you spend some time looking though available Internet job listings or money-making opportunities, you will see that almost any expert skill can help you generate revenue in this virtual world.

Experts have a lot of chances to find part-time job openings to take up, among them: article writing, free paid surveys, answering questions, sharing expert advice or reviewing websites or services.

Today we would like to talk a bit about the last option listed in the previous sentence: paid reviewing, to be exact: usability testing and recording website reviews.

This income opportunity is open to users internationally. Regardless of your geographical location you have an opportunity to make money as a tester on this site. company information is an Internet-based usability testing and website review service established in 2008 in UK, which helps website owners (no matter if they are representatives of considerable businesses or just simple bloggers/marketers) to improve their online projects, make them easier to navigate and improve the number of sales.

Available positions for online testers

The presented service can be used by both webmasters willing to improve their sites and users, who have some Internet experience and would like to earn money by performing tasks requested by webmasters, performs some manipulations on the site and give a critical review of the tested website: speak on positive and negative sides of the design, content layout, categorization and navigation.

Online work for usability testers at

If you are interested in becoming a tester at and making money in your free time by doing website testing, then you should visit their page for testers (the link to this page will be added somewhere in this article and highlighted so you can easily locate it).

Becoming a usability tester with this company is an easy thing, as they accept members from anywhere in the world, as far as they can speak English on the microphone. Application process is said to take about five minutes and they require you to look though the guidelines for testers (which is fitted into a separate .pdf file), provide some information about you and take a quick test to show you how their system works.

Once accepted to work online on WhatUsersDo as a tester you will be emailed every time, when a review task becomes available to you. Every accepted website test and review will increase your account balance by $8. Speaking of the payments, registered testers get paid via PayPal or to a bank account (only for UK residents) on monthly basis.

For more information about this program and for a page for submitting your application please go here: Get paid to tell what you think of websites credibility

As any established company, Whatusersdo Ltd treat both their clients and testers professionally. After performing an search and checking out various work at home forums, we were able to find only positive reviews of this company. So we have come to a conclusion that this usability testing program is legit and can serve as an additional source of online work/income.

Further reading is a website testing company looking forward to extend its pool of testers. Registered usability testers get to perform tasks requested by customers and get paid for every accepted website review/test.

A “make money with usability testing” category has been separated from “get paid to review” one and a list of services paying money for doing tests of websites will be listed there.

Roundup and final thoughts

Usability testing companies are always on the lookout for new workers. They provide good extra earning possibilities for people, who have experience with website creation (we consider that such people have more chances creating a profound review of the site) and would like to earn $8-$10 for 10 minutes for their work. A small amount of daily tests can be considered as the only drawback of and suchlike services but you can always apply as a tester on several websites to get a decent amount of usability testing assignments.

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