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Where to Find Referrals for GPT (Get Paid To) Websites

Recently I have decided to start my own guide to getting referrals for free, the ones that will make you money, while using various “get paid to programs“, including the tutorial I have already shared with you. You can visit the page containing the guide to getting Internet referrals using the link above.

Assuming that you have already read my creation, I will have to go on explaining the whole procedure of getting refs for free, but this time to your get paid to and survey sites.

Before I start, I would like to cover the differences between the promotion.

get paid to

1. GPT and survey websites usually accept members from the USA and Canada (only these countries can afford to pay up to 50 dollars per one registration).

That is why it is important to drive only targeted traffic to your blog website. Though it would be hard to accomplish, but you will see that you can earn way more money from such referrals (for instance, I am making more then 300 bucks a month telling users about new paid to sites, but my personal record is over a thousand dollars a month from referrals).

2. Do not let low ref commissions scare you off.

It is easier for a member to make a living with these websites. I have a great example for you – I referred a member, who made several thousand dollars in a couple of weeks, so in the end I got $400+ just for getting one member to join using my referral link. You can take a look at my earlier tutorial (make money online trying free products) and see that earning cash with referrals is totally possible.

3. Do not forget about scam websites – in this case you would not get caught yourself and will get extra traffic, if you spread the word about non paying programs.

So in addition to the tips for promoting your blog on earning cash, for GPT sites you can apply the forum posting method, but only with forums, which have a lot of US traffic. If you reside in the United States of America yourself, try to carry out the offline promotion or use social networks, which are extremely popular in this country.

Well, I have some good news for you, this is just a starting point. Very soon I will cover the basics and we will see how easy blog promotion could be.


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