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Get Paid To Write About Technology @ Freelancer Jobs

With the time passing I am looking forward to bringing new quality make money online reviews. I pay a lot of attention to brand new work from home opportunities, and it makes perfect sense and many people would like to know whether new get paid to website is a scam or not.

But from time to time I refer to my previous posts and update my readers with the fresh information on earning money from home. I know that freelance article writing is one of the easiest and fastest methods of earning money in your free time, especially you are already qualified in some field of study (for example, I have been taking several linguistics classes and could write articles concerning this topic, and I guess that the pay would be higher not only because there are not that many people interested in this, but also – it is a low competitive niche and smart webmasters could earn a pretty good deal of cash by optimizing websites or blogs for low tail keywords).

So today I went back to to see whether their freelance jobs opportunity is still live and was surprised that even new features and guidelines were added. Just for your reference, you can check out my previous (pretty short review) of this website, which offers you to write technology related articles for money.

Interested in earning money on the net? I have some information for you – there are tons and tons of websites, where you can earn good money. Usually such programs pay for various jobs – Internet blogging, clicking ads for money, writing Internet reviews or doing various types of freelance jobs.


Get paid to write technology news and tips. If you are a tech junkie or just know a lot about technology and internet, why not write your thoughts about modern technology and get cash rewards for doing so? you can write such and get paid for this. Payment varies greatly depending on the quality of the submission, length, and usefulness of the tip or topic you have created. The cash reward varies from 35 to 65$ for 400-1500 word post. Very good rates I think, so it’s worth trying this one if you have appropriate knowledge and a will to do this.

Get paid to write computer tips & techniques at

If you are somehow interested in technology writing, Worldstart can supply you with the opportunity of earning money writing short (1 page articles, which is approximately 400-500 words). You can check out the supplied link for the full list of topics you can choose. But I would like to update you on the article price changes.

Here you will be paid 35-65$ for your articles, which could be up to 3 pages long – approximately 1500 words long. It should be noted that you will earn extra 10$ per article, if they have images or screenshots included.

Learn more about this free technology writing jobs lead

I guess that is all I wanted to say about this freelance job opportunity. Every computer junkie can earn money online writing articles using If you are interested in other websites, which pay users to write or rewrite content, you can take a look at my post entitled review, which is just another revenue sharing publisher network.


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