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Internet has given me endless possibilities of making money, actually, we all possess such an ability, but those, who are not aware of it don’t seem to be rushing in order to obtain it as soon as possible.

I found out that making money on-line for free it possible almost four years ago, a lot of things changed since then, but such work from home opportunities as free paid surveys and writing articles for money are still popular and have a lot of fans (if you didn’t understand my inklings, these are two earning ways, which got me started with Internet based business).


Get paid to write reviews and articles at is a brand new website, which offers us money for writing content. As for me, it is a “get paid to write” service with a twist, because here users can earn by writing not just articles, but top five ratings, lists of niche related things (I am thinking about creating a new articles on this website and giving it a title – “Top 5 websites to write articles at and get paid for it“, hopefully I will find some interested readers and will generate some easy cash).

If you have seen by previous posts, you probably know that it is pretty easy to write reviews for money with the help of Internet. Writing is something all of us could just do not only for fun, but also with financial benefits in mind, and it is so great, when these two things work together. - earn money for creating top lists

ListMyFive offers everybody to register (must be at least 14 years old to create an account) and start posting ideas and information. In order to start making money and later getting paid to write, you need to join a writer compensation program (only users over 18 years of age are allowed to participate) and start adding creative content.

Before you begin to write online articles and submit them, make sure you have read all the rules and terms of conditions of this website, get paid to websites are usually safe, but it is better to be on the safe side.

On which factors do your earnings depend?

It think it will be more appropriate to give on outline of things, which could possibly boost your earnings with ListMyFive. Remember that creativity is one of the most important factors, which will grant you an access to this awesome and free make money online opportunity, but still there are other things, which could greatly influence your earnings, some of them are: your activity (meaning the number of lists created by you and the popularity of them), number of sites pointing to your submission, niche, within which your list is located, quality of the article itself and many more. ListMyFive pays by PayPal, which makes it even more safe and secure.

According to my research, making it to the front page of List My Five could guarantee you some good money and traffic, provided you placed links to your site or blog directly in the list, which is allowed by the way, provided the link is relevant.

All in all, to write and earn at List My Five could be a pure joy, if you are passionate about writing and creating content and would like to get a chance of earning free money online. Definitely there is a whole lot, where we can write online for free and even receive extra money, but trust me, ListMyFive can truly compete with other, more famous sites from this niche, for example with Ehow, which has almost the same concept, but has discontinued its writers’ reward program.

I hope you enjoyed by article on how to write for ListMyFive and get paid for it. I am looking forward to your comments and would greatly appreciate your input in development of this free work from home resource – feel free to subscribe and don’t forget to bookmark

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