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Write Articles on the Internet and Get Paid for it on (Google Adsense Revenue Sharing)

I have always wanted to make money on the Internet. You know how hard it is to work part time, especially, if you want to get a degree or have some other stuff you would like to do, but don’t have time for it.

So Internet money-making was the only choice for me and fortunately I didn’t fail and I have a pretty successful blog on how to earn money from home. I have started my making pretty good money with all possible Internet survey websites and web services, which give money for writing articles and other content.

It was a lot of fun and for a pretty long time I was making a decent income on the Internet by doing random stuff – SEO optimizing web-sites, writing content and even posting on sponsored forums for money. To tell the truth, I gained a lot of experience with various freelance marketplaces and micro job websites. Luckily, I was smart enough to start my own Internet blog, which is followed by dozens of new projects and now I make a full time income by blogging and writing articles on the web.

I want to share one secret with you – content and well-optimized articles is the key to success, if you know how to create good content, you will eventually make money from home, even if you don’t have a website of yours.

You can always share some revenue sharing networks or expert knowledge websites and get paid for your article writing work. is one of such websites, here anyone is eligible to write and submit articles and even get money for this (as far as I can see they allow you to add related links to your article submissions, so this means that you can even get some good traffic to your actual blog by submitting stuff to, assuming you have your own blog project).

Get paid to write articles online at

Make money online by writing at is a Google Adsense revenue sharing content network and here you can submit your articles for free and receive 100% of the money generated by Adsense ads, which will be placed on your pages (the pages, which will contain your articles or reviews).

A 100% adsense revenue share sounds pretty nice, assuming that when you earn money with HubPages or you get only 50% revenue share, so such offer should be attracting a lot of active posters, so don’t miss out on your chance, while this get paid to program is still hot.

At they do have a pretty nice user interface and allow you to place 2 ad blocks of yours (I think this a pretty nice offer, because you can make a decent amount of money with adsense ads, a while ago there was an Adsense review published on, this will be pretty interesting for you, as for me).

Well, I hope that you will be able to start making money by posting content on Check this out and don’t forget to leave me your comments. I would much appreciate that. If you want to find out more about earning money from home, don’t forget to subscribe, it’s totally free.

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