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If you have followed by previous posts you see that I am still here writing about all possible means of free business on the Internet. Even if this website is almost ad free I write here for fun, definitely not for money, like some other people do. Well my main income stream is checking out all possible websites, which offer all possible opportunities for making cash from home – I test these websites and if they pay me, I go ahead that write reviews of them, everything works pretty simple.

Not that long ago I got into making money by writing, I have produced series of posts, which are related to “get paid to write” niche, and you can check out this category at my blog, if you want to know what it takes to make money by producing content online or read one of my latest posts, where I told you how to get paid to write reviews online ( review, which is unfortunately not based on my personal experience, but I am working on it, so people, who would like to receive follow up news from me, don’t hesitate and sign up for my free email updates).

I am kind of mad at people, who are writing and possibility to write articles for money is a complete scam, because this is something I have been doing almost for two years now and it is kind of sad to see people, who have apparently failed in this sphere, scream and write and all “make money online idea” is a scam.

But today I would like to tell you about a website, which has somehow different concept, here you don’t write and earn money, but do all possible web2.0 related stuff online for money. You can share your blog posts, bookmark you favorite websites, submit interesting videos, comment other people’s work and receive cash every time your submissions are viewed. The site is called and I have been willing to review it for a while now.

Get paid for social activity at

The web2.0 idea and all these social websites has changed the Internet, tremendously changed it. We have FaceBook, Digg, Squidoo, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, but there are separate websites, just imagine – is all these, but in one package. The idea which stands behind making money with social activity is pretty simple – you generate all possible content, it attracts visitors, which generate ad revenue and shares this revenue with you.

I have read a lot of comments regarding this website and I have come up with some awesome facts – first of all you receive money to your RedGage debit card, which is sent to you as soon as you reach 50$ (if I have understood right), there are tons of contests and giveaways, which will for sure give you awesome benefits, users generate $1-$2.2 for every thousand of their content views (these are some cool stats I must say) and making money is pretty easy – just communicate with the world and earn money.

Before I have been writing about sites, which pay for submitting social bookmarks (for more info read SheToldMe review), but they have somehow different concept and I don’t think that you can earn as much money as you think (but this is just my opinion on this). I see that many people are happy with making money by using paid social websites and networks, so I guess I should be the next one, who tries it and will hope to make some cash of it.

Well, thanks for reading my another blog post for those, who are looking not just for free ways to earn money, but for awesome ideas to start getting more and more money from home by doing something you already do. Just to end this article, let me ask you – don’t you find it exciting to get paid to write articles on the Internet? Well if you do, let me show you another website, where you can earn money by writing reviews, it is called and it is a great website I have been working with for a while now. Don’t forget to subscribe and receive all the news from this blog for free.


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