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[Expired] Write Content and Earn Money By Submitting It To

By writing this blog about making money from home I am trying to help people, who are willing to start making money from home. The number of work from home job opportunities is growing pretty fast, that is why I want to keep you up to date with all the reviews I will write and publish in my blog.

In some of my previous articles I was writing about various freelance job marketplaces, earning money by completing tasks online and about getting paid to write articles. Many of my readers really liked posts on this type, so I want to go one and write more about earning money from home and using revenue sharing networks for executing additional revenue online.

In order to start writing articles for cash, you need to find out more about This is a quickly growing article directory, which now allows you to earn extra money for submitting your content (articles, how-to guides, reviews and other informative writing pieces), which means – you get paid to write articles at

As I have already mentioned, it is a free article directory, where you can promote your websites by doing article marketing. And their Google Adsense revenue sharing offer is just a cool addon. In order to write online articles for money you need a working Google Adsense account, because as soon as you will sign up with, you will be able to update your profile with your adsense publisher ID and keep 60% of the money generated by all your ad impressions.

Make money by writing articles at

Make money online by posting articles on

So here, your earnings much depend on how popular your articles will be. If you know how to produce good, keyword rich content, pretty soon, you will be able to receive some benefits from adsense revenue sharing offer at Such revenue split sounds pretty reasonable, as far as other, more popular websites, which allow us to get paid to write articles, share 50%-80% of their total ad revenue (but they also have other types of monetization, anyways, I think that finding out how to write online articles for money at won’t hurt for sure, they give us 50% adsense revenue share too).

Anyways, I have already been attracted to all possible freelance jobs and article writer jobs, maybe because I was earning money online in this way for a pretty long time. But there is a big advantage in being a freelancer, you can gain some valuable experience and then accomplish more work in shorter periods of time.

Anyways, I hope you liked my post about making money online by posting content on I would definitely try out this one, because I prefer using adsense revenue sharing article directories, over those, which give me money for posting to my PayPal account. With revenue sharing websites of this type I can definitely track the value of my work and know how much money my articles make.

If you still have questions about this website, feel free to ask them in the comment section. Also, if you want to get the latest make money online news and updates, make sure you get subscribed to


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