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When one is looking for a way to earn money from home he or she has to analyze all the skills and decide, which one he or she can use for earning money from home.

Through my business blogging career I got to try out various earning opportunities, starting with paid surveys and ending with affiliate marketing and copywriting. If you are just starting up with online money-making, I would suggest trying to monetize your knowledge and there is nothing better, in this situation, than writing articles for money or contributing your knowledge to Internet communities (for a good pay, of course).

When it comes to making money online with writing, user has a lot of options and choices to make: either to work on upfront pay basis or to go with revenue sharing offers. These topics have been already covered on this blog and I don’t want to take your time writing about the same things over and over again, so please check out these articles to learn more about sites, which pay money for writing articles: – one of the most profitable websites for writing articles and getting paid on revenue sharing basis.

Rating of “get paid to write” sites – here any reader will be able to find a list of websites, which allow posting articles for money.

I feel that I got a bit off topic, today I wish to tell a few words about an earning opportunity for people, who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of web design, photography and art work. - make money online by writing is one of the most popular Internet design communities, which had thousands of readers eager to receive quality design/photography tips on daily basis. If you fell that your knowledge makes you eligible to write content for such a big design community, then you should apply as a writer here.

The owners of this project are looking for experienced designers and developers, who want to contribute ideas to this community, gain exposure and receive money for every accepted article (this could be a tutorial or a how-to guide).

Please visit their website to learn more about the “get paid to write” opportunity they are offering and get in touch with the moderators to discuss your future work. At the moment, owners pay $30 – $50 per every accepted article, but it should be noted that the quality has to be up to the mark too.

Lava360 is looking for professional writers, if you feel that you don’t have enough experience to apply as a paid writer here, you can review other earning opportunities, which deal with copywriting. I reviewed a good deal of them in this blog and even provided some links for you in this article. In the nearest future, a complete list of online writing opportunities are to be published on this blog, if you would like to receive this list for free, please subscribe to, it is free and won’t take a lot of your time.

Thanks for reading, all your questions can be answered in the comment section below. Good luck in earning money by writing content.

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