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Many times I have been asked how I managed to start working from home and earning cash by writing content. To tell the truth, starting my first blog was not an easy thing to do and it was not the first thing, which helped me start working online.

At first I was writing for various revenue sharing sites and blogs, like, just to get the idea what blogging and writing for money is all about. With days passing I figured out how to write a blog and make money online with no investment.

If you have a passion for some field of study but don’t think that you will be able to maintain a blog yourself, then try guest blogging with adsense revenue sharing. I consider it to be a superb opportunity to practice my writing skills on the web and make some money with my writing abilities. - write technology reviews and receive cash rewards offers a great opportunity for those, who would like to have some blogging practice and would like to earn some money from their writing. This is a very popular blog, which deals with such topics as blogging, platforms for creating blogs, web design and technology. If you specialize in any of these topics, then you can contribute to and start making money from your writing.

In my guide on how to generate revenue with guest blogging, I have mentioned the main advantages of using blogs with adsense revenue sharing:

1) Free blogging practice – bloggers, who have reached such heights and build so popular websites can provide you with free advice and tips for success. It is an incredible opportunity to gain some experience for free.
2) Backlinks to your webpage – if you already have your own blog or writer’s portfolio, then make use of your author box and leave links to your personal page on It is a free opportunity to receive free SEO benefits for your blog.
3) Google Adsense revenue sharing – your articles could go viral and make you a decent amount of money. owners give you 100% of adsense revenue collected from your articles, so this is a very great deal for a starter blogger.

Earning online by writing online can be challenging but if you like doing research, writing articles and communicating with people, who share the passion with you, then give this site a try. In my future posts I will feature some of the newest article writing jobs, so please subscribe to if you want me to notify you about these.

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