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Article writing and journalism work is often being outsourced to local workers via the Internet. Information websites are usually being updated by freelancers and copywriters, who work from the comfort of their own houses and usually get to set their own schedules.

The flexibility of this type of employment attracts many students, stay at home parents and journalists, who are looking for extra income opportunities. Getting such a position make take some time, as you will have to get used to writing in different styles and on various topics. The best way to develop a required skill-set is to start working on revenue sharing websites. We would like to recommend you one of such. It is called

What is is an Internet-based information community, where writers all over the world get to run the website and share their articles, reviews and write in their personal columns. – journalism and article writing job opportunity

Writedge is build like a community, where writers get to interact, learn more about popular journalism tricks, manage Internet writing styles and get to monetize their content.

To learn more about the program and about the registration program please refer to this page:

This Internet community is using revenue sharing principle (mostly Google Adsense but affiliate programs may also be used) to reward its users for contributing. Based on our experience, we recommend this type of websites, as they give you a chance to full benefit from your articles. We have been using several similar websites and can tell you that several months of writing can set up an automated income stream for years to come.

If you are interested in this type of business, please take a look at these other similar resources we’ve been using for a while now:,,,,

All in all, is a great Internet community any beginner should start using for gaining experience in the freelance writing field and gradually move on to other writing employers.

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