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Running this blog about making money online gives me more and more ideas about involving more people in this type of Internet business. If you think about – everyone could make money online from home, no matter what technique you use, sooner or later you will succeed and will get paid for something you already do.

Personally, I have created this blog, just to tell others how I was trying to earn money in my spare time. I didn’t pay a lot of time promoting my website (I still don’t try to hardly promote it, because whoever visits my site will spread the word for me). But I still tell my friends and people I meet every day that “I make money from home by writing blog post”. At first I they are a little shocked, but after a short while, every single one, who has heard it gets excited about creating something new, which will sooner or later make money.

What I am trying to prove is – good blogs are making good money, the better content you supply – the more money you will make, with no effort. Another key feature is the blogging experience and the ability to keep the readers’ attention. I am always open to my readers, so I will tell you that you won’t become a top class blogger in a month or a decade, it takes practice. Even I am not that good, so you can practice by creating your own, free blogs and see how other bloggers respond to your work.

In such case, revenue sharing communities is the best what to go, don’t even ask me why – the answer is pretty obvious. A lot of people run free blogs (using various free web2.0 communities, just take a lot at Twitter boom), just to gather the readership and public approval.

Millions of bloggers use free blogging platforms and revenue sharing communities, and the more sites publish your work – the bigger chance of your work to be read or featured in some popular blog or news feed. Lets just take a look at Anyone can create a free niche hub and include their Google Adsense ads on the pages created. All hubs have a feedback form, so in this case readers could check out your articles, and comment on it.

But as far as we are newbie bloggers, we care less about the public approval and links from other blogs featuring everything you have written. What we should look for is traffic (visitors) and ad clicks (your revenue stream). There are many sites, which allow you to create your free webpages, share information and receive a revenue cut generated by Google Adsense advertising. You can read more about getting paid to write at

As far as I am trying to outsource as many articles as possible to revenue sharing websites (because I have hundreds of articles, which I have written just for blog advertising purposes) and I have found anther great paid to blog site, which is called

Get paid to blog at

The whole earning idea is pretty straight forward – you can register at Bloggerparty and run your free blog. Every blog entry will contain a Google Adsense advertising block, so you can receive clicks and make money from context advertising. You can find out more about Adsense blog earning, but as for me Google’s Ads is the most popular income source and even school students know what it is all about.

I have just registered myself an account at and filled in the Adsense revenue sharing field. Just for check out how it all works, I wrote one article and checked the page. There was at least one ad containing my advertising code (so I really hope to make some money with and will sure notify you on my success).

As for now, you can check out the website or learn more about revenue sharing websites. I have given some reviews before, if you could remember, which gives you a chance of placing sponsored ads onto your created lenses. I don’t have as much experience with Squidoo as with HubPages, but I must say that it is possible to earn money with Squidoo. This means, checking my full review wouldn’t hurt at all. Good luck and I hope that you will make good money online by writing your own blog.

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