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Internet marketers and businessmen are working hard on creating new concepts and projects for making the live of small business owners easier. Business owners are known to have great interest in Internet outsourcing, as finding and hiring virtual workers sometimes can be faster and lead to better productivity.

So companies dealing with their customers, i.e. small business owners in search for quick solutions for their work-related issues, are hiring workers to take over these freelance tasks. is one of such companies – they have built a custom system with intent of making web-based outsourcing more productive.

This website could be used by Internet users worldwide.

What is is a new generation company aimed at helping their customers to solve time consuming work problems: data entry, document editing (mostly MS Office), photo editing (Photoshop and related software) and all types of programming. Customers, who need to solve any of the above-mentioned tasks go to Ziptask and place an order. Ziptask staff members, in its turn, assess the amount of work needed, break the project into smaller freelance tasks and charge a customer with a reasonable price. - freelancer network

At this point freelance workers or Ziptask employees come to action. By using a custom-developed software they take up the tasks and start working on them. The software suite tracks the exact amount of time freelancers spend on the project and credit freelancers’ accounts with a distinct amount of money.

Depending on the skill required for the work, freelancers can make $5/$10/$15/$20 per hour working for this company.

Application procedure for a freelancer

If you are interested in such online work, then you should definitely head on to their website and apply for a freelance worker position. On their site they didn’t leave any concrete prerequisites for applying for this position.

To fill out an application form or to learn more about this job, please go to

Further reading is yet another great resource for finding jobs leads on the web. They have a superb system, which ensures that workers get access to the largest amount of available freelance tasks.

Roundup and final thoughts

Over the past several years we have reviewed dozens of websites providing part-time and freelance jobs in the niche of programming, data entry and virtual assisting. But from what we see, this is one of the most creative approaches to freelancing on the market. have their own application to notify its workers about potential gigs and some other cool tools. We are we excited about this one and will be monitoring how this service develops.


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